How to optimize your health during pregnancy

Pregnancy Course

How to optimize your health during pregnancy

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We Understand Why You Care So Much...​

It’s no secret that a woman’s health during pregnancy is critically important to both herself and the health or her child (and even her future grandchildren!).

That’s why entire public health campaigns have been launched to help educate on the importance of good prenatal health…

…and, despite the amazing things these campaigns have done to reduce pregnancy complications and poor birth outcomes, they only focus on the very basics of how to have a healthy pregnancy.

In other words, there’s a heck of a lot missing from America’s prenatal education programs…and we’d wager you’ve already figured that out.

This is why health conscious women (like you!) are searching for a trusted resource to help them understand how to do more to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth outcome.

Women want to know about things like how to use nutrition, supplements, lab testing, lifestyle modalities, and more to improve their pregnancies and grow healthier babies.

Yet, there is a ton of confusing and often misleading information to sift through online. And we all deserve much better than that.

We Were Fed Up, So We Decided To Do Something About It

We created Hey Mami because we were tired of the antiquated advice and fed up with the fear tactics surrounding pregnancy.

Women deserve better information. And we knew we could help.

As board-certified physicians practicing functional medicine for the past decade, we were exasperated by the lack of support and information available to women who are trying to proactively optimize their health during pregnancy.

We are also moms of 3 (each) with our own complicated health journeys to boot, so we intimately understand the overwhelm and confusion of trying to find reputable information…beyond the basics (and we’re doctors for heaven sake!).

In other words, we’ve been there.

As clinicians, we’ve worked with thousands of women just like you—women who want to optimize their health so that they can have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and set themselves up for success postpartum.

Our greatest desire as doctors is to help as many women as we can…but we know not everyone can work with us one-on-one.

That’s what inspired us to create this course: to share all the most important, up-to-date, scientific information on creating a healthy, nourished pregnancy, with as many women as humanly possible.

This is our mission…and we’re so glad you’re here!

Why Take This Course?

We know you have many options when it comes to educating yourself on the best way to create a healthy pregnancy.

So, why should you take this course?

Because there are some key factors that set this course apart from everything else out there:

#1: This course is based on the very real work that we do with women who are pregnant in our functional medicine practices every day.

So, we’ll share the very same information with you that we share with our patients.

We’re talking about providing everything you need to know, including the healthy pregnancy plans and protocols that we’ve used successfully with real women.

With this course, you’re not paying for theoretical information based on anecdotal evidence which may or may not pertain to you.

No. You’ll be getting the good, evidence-based, clinically-proven stuff, straight from our practices to your computer.

#2: This course is designed to educate and empower you so you can advocate for yourself and work collaboratively with your OB GYN or Midwife to improve pregnancy outcomes.

Repeat after us: “we’re not trying to replace your healthcare provider.”

We know your healthcare provider plays a critically important role during your pregnancy.

We also know, from experience, that they only have so much time during a visit to educate you about things like reproductive toxins, natural remedies, nutrition, supplements, sleep, relationships, mindset, nursery preparation, etc.

That’s why we have spent years researching and gathering all this information to share with you—to make your time during pregnancy, and with your provider, really count.

#3: This course will not only empower you with the information you need to optimize your health during pregnancy, it will also help you set the stage for success postpartum—which is a critical time for proper nourishment, healing, and rebuilding of body, mind, and spirit.

Imagine Yourself Saying...


Introducing the #1 course to help YOU (a health conscious woman) optimize your health during pregnancy and set the stage for success postpartum.

Where you’ll find everything you need to know to create a healthy, happy, and successful pregnancy.

The Hey Mami pregnancy course is an online course to help you thrive during pregnancy, no matter what stage you’re at or your background.

By the end of this course you’ll have mastered
How to choose a provider and what you can expect from your OB GYN or Midwife
What labs to order to more thoroughly understand your health and nutritional status
What foods to eat (and avoid) to deeply nourish your growing body and support a healthy pregnancy
How your genetics may influence your nutritional needs during pregnancy, and what to do about it
What specific supplements to take and why, plus tips in customizing your supplement regime
Science-based lifestyle do’s and don'ts when you’re pregnant
Simple steps to avoid the major reproductive toxins hiding in everyday life
How to support gut health, and why it’s super duper important for pregnancy outcomes
How to create a nontoxic nursery (without breaking the bank) and have it ready in time for baby
How to prepare for your birth time—whether it winds up being a c-section or vaginal birth—and what to pack in your delivery bag
How to prepare for the first 40 days postpartum as you transition to becoming a new mother or to the next phase of motherhood (for those with more than one child)
Which natural remedies to use for common issues during pregnancy like nausea, cough and cold, headaches, and pain

And so much more

Stop spending all day searching Google for questionable answers and instead, use that time to take better care of YOU and your precious baby.


You’ll find 12 modules that you can take at your own pace…take 12 days or 12 weeks, whatever works best with your schedule.

The Hey Mami Pregnancy Course consists of 12 modules. Each module is designed to walk you through a step-by-step plan to create a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

You’ll Also Get...

In addition to lifetime access to the 12 video modules, you’ll also get…

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You only have a short period of time to create the best possible conditions for a healthy baby…

So why wait?
This course was built for you!

Pregnancy Course

How to optimize your health during pregnancy

About Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.
and Christine Maren, D.O.

We are doctors Alejandra Carrasco M.D. and Christine Maren D.O. We’re board-certified through the American Board of Family Medicine, and certified in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. We’re on a mission to support women as they navigate mamihood—from preconception through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. As mamis of 3 (each!), we got you.

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