When you’re knee-deep in mamihood (this $hit is bananas!)


When you’re knee-deep in mamihood (this $hit is bananas!)


What do you need help with?

What to eat for
optimal health
The best supplements to support busy mamis
Common health issues that arise during mamihood
The best labs to assess your health during mamihood





Optimize your health
during the mamihood years

Being a mami has moments of pure joy, mixed with moments of pure exhaustion and overwhelm. The simple truth is that being a mami is hard! It’s even harder (or dare we say nearly impossible) when you don’t have your health. We created Hey Mami to help women foster better health so that they can have a happier mamihood. The resources you’ll find here are the culmination of decades of medical training, clinical practice, and mamihood. It’s all the juicy information that we wish we’d had available when we started our own mamihood journeys.


Definitive Guide to Mamihood

Everything you need to know to better support your health during the mamihood years



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Supplements for Mamihood

Mamihood Course

Overwhelmed? We’ll give you a step-by-step plan to help you achieve optimal health during the mamihood years. In our 12-week online course, we walk you through everything you need to know, and share the real plans and protocols that we use in our clinical practices.